The millennial market... how do you reach them? How do you motivate them? How do you get your brand on their lips and in their hearts? Well, one answer is The Dope Exchange. Born from the streets of Las Vegas, The Dope Exchange began with a rag tag collection of street artists and local dj's combining their collective energy to create a street celebration welcoming all under represented artists of the local scene to show off their wares, their brands, their dreams, in a wide open street fair format complete with live music, live art installations, vendors and food trucks.

The first incarnation was a smashing success, drawing attention from some of the larger promotional and marketing teams in Las Vegas. But absorption was not what The Dope Exchange was looking for. With a love for authenticity and a desire to create something different, The Dope Exchange moves into its next faze with a steely resolve to bring it's passion for the streets to a larger audience while maintaining the gritty independence that made its first events a local favorite.


Now you can make a move to tap into this energy. Grab a sponsorship option and get your name in front of the people who will spread the word. Sponsor The Dope Exchange's Memorial Weekend extravaganza.


Sponsorship options will be listed soon. For further information click on link below.

The Dope Exchange is an art, music and streetwear festival created by artists, for artists, and the artist in us all.

Our objective is to build an outlet for vendors, artists & streetwear designers to showcase their art to the Vegas community. Showcasing everything we consider DOPE !

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