Want to start your own Dope Brand ?


We are here to help you make the move from conceptualization to production. The Dope Exchange can step in and make your brand launch a success. We bring together all the elements necessary to get you from visualization to sales, delivery, and profitability.



What we do upon initial sign-up:

1) Our in house graphic dept. helps you develop or fine tune your designs to be ready for market

2) We supply you with a online e-commerce page, optimized for mobile, to present your wares

3) We populate your shopping page with products selected by you with your designs printed on them

4) We activate your sales page making your products LIVE and Ready for Purchase

5) We provide exposure for your brand through group exposure and co-op wide social marketing and integration.


Other Benefits of Dope Exchange Membership:


- Low Annual Membership fee only $500 per year

- No credit checks or financial commitments

- 5 products, with up to 5 different art designs, integrated and uploaded for immediate sales capability

 with no time commitment from you choosing sizes, colors, placement, etc, etc.

- Monthly sales reports and payouts starting 90 days after completion of your online store

- In house design help at reduced costs

- In house discounts on print and screen printing for bulk orders

- First right of refusal for participation in Dope Exchange events

- Discounts on vendor booths and other Dope Exchange opportunities

- Multi-team marketing strategy to expand brand reach

- Referral income opportunity from sponsoring new brands to The Dope Exchange (sales overrides)

- Ancillary exposure from Dope Exchange advertising and marketing.

The Dope Exchange is an art, music and streetwear festival created by artists, for artists, and the artist in us all.

Our objective is to build an outlet for vendors, artists & streetwear designers to showcase their art to the Vegas community. Showcasing everything we consider DOPE !

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